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John Fellers



Born in Wichita KS,  Studied music at WSU.  Performed in the Wichita Symphony, Wichita Brass Quintet.  Kansas City Jazz Festival

Moved to Los Angeles with the group AT&She where we performed at Knotts Berry Farm.  Performed with many jazz groups and dinner theaters.  Recorded at Warner-Brothers with Spike Jones Jr.


Started a photography and video studio in West Los Angeles where John expanded to Multi-Media, Streaming, DP, Editor, Producer.

John was Director of Photography and editor for multi-million dollar infomercials such as "LaserVision",  "How to Get Free Money from the Government" 

The past 6 years, John has become a Live Streaming Guru, working on Live Red Carpet streams for Sony, Universal, NBC and the Oscars

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